MO Faces Long Sleeve Tee (Atlantic Green)

753,00 Kč

We're wearing this one daily, it's epic. Mehrt's faces sketch logo printed on an Atlantic Green long sleeve t-shirt. He draws the band on every setlist in his childlike style. This one is from the Budapest show he thinks. Printed a on long-sleeve t-shirt that was made by an experienced seamstress earning on average US$20 an hour, plus benefits and overtime.

Feel good rocking out on a cold summers evening or a hot winters day in this ultra comfy, shrink free, broken-in feeling long sleeve tee. Great all year round.

  • Unisex Atlantic Green Coloured Long Sleeved T-shirt
  • This product is 100% Made in U.S.A. and NAFTA compliant, made of 100% US cotton.
  • Made in South Central, Los Angeles. Printed in LA.
  • These shirts were made by Vicente, Virginia, Maria, Santos & Diego earning an average of $20 an hour, up to $35 and no less than $14.25. Plus benefits and overtime.
  • The neckline may be tight at first but will loosen with wear and wash. 
  • Fits generously.
  • Designed by Mehrt 
  • Ready to ship worldwide. Expect delays these days.