MO Classic Logo T-Shirt (Dusk Blue)

124,00 zł PLN

Ahhh so simple, so satisfying. Blue and yellow go together almost as good as bread and butter. That's why we made this bread and butter t-shirt. Wait what? Anyways, it says Mild Orange on it in yellow in our classic logo and it's made by an experienced seamstress earning on average US$20 an hour, plus benefits and overtime. We're actually not sure if it's yellow or a really mild orange coloured logo. Feel good rocking out in this classic style logo on an ultra comfy, shrink free, broken-in feeling tee. 

  • Unisex Dusk Blue Coloured T-shirt
  • This product is 100% Made in U.S.A. and NAFTA compliant, made of 100% US cotton.
  • Made in South Central, Los Angeles. Printed in LA.
  • These shirts were made by Vicente, Virginia, Maria, Santos & Diego earning an average of $20 an hour, up to $35, and no less than $14.25. Plus benefits and overtime.
  • The neckline may be tight at first but will loosen with wear and wash. 
  • Fits generously
  • Ready to ship worldwide. Expect delays these days.